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Our experience in Training, Teaching, Managing, Directing and consulting as faculty and content expert exceeds 100 years of combine experience in providing services to the following clients groups:


Higher Education universities and colleges 

Off shore medical schools

Public and vocational schools

Government owned and operated facilities

Vertical Transportation business units

42 Trades shops in big 12 universities

150 Trade job areas

Union shop Employees, [Trades, AFSMEE. IUOE]

Facilities and Plant operations lead teams POLT/FOLT

Building contractors/construction supervisors and lead persons

Supervisors, Managers leadership teams

Technical organizations

Vocational rehabilitation teams

Building services

Grounds and Waste Management

Higher education Engineers: Mechanical, Electrical, industrial and Civil

non - industrial facilities









 Dr. Leslie H. SMITH
 facilities & operations   business school


Over 30 years of experience and expertise in creating, managing and improving the effectiveness of Higher Education Facilities and Operations and in the development of employees to meet the strategic goals and performance objectives of F&O departments and work units.


Leslie held leadership positions in several organizations. He served as manager of engineering, design and maintenance systems for the Jewish Federation (JVS, Cincinnati). He also served as School Administrator and Director of Facilities and Operations at ROSS University School of Medicine, an offshore American medical school based in the island of Dominica and owned by DeVry, Inc.


His areas of responsibility included: Architectural Engineering and Construction Facilities Maintenance Electrical & Central Power Plant Building Services Grounds and Waste Management Campus Safety & Security University Housing Transportation Work Control/Work Management Auxiliary Services and In -fracture management Disaster assessment and recovery, hurricane preparedness and emergency response.


Leslie served in several positions at the University of Michigan including the Position of Associate Director of the Plant Academy, a learning organization with 2000 employees in the AVP area of facilities and operations. He was also a senior faculty and internal consultant at the Academy.


He taught the following courses: Leadership and Supervision, Facilities Management, Ethics and Administrative Discretion, Decision Making Problem Solving, managing a Diverse Workforce, Performance Planning and Appraisal, Strategic Planning, Root Cause Analysis, Optimizing Team Performance, Customer Services, Marketing, Best Practices Documentation.


Leslie did his graduate studies at the University of Cincinnati and holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Management from the Graduate School of the Union Institute and University. Leslie is an international consultant, speaker and presenter in higher education facilities management and Plant operations. He is a graduate of the Facilities Management Institute of APPA.







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