Linking organizations goals with facilities investment

Program Overview


Using a facilities asset management approach to forge a direct link between organizations goals, facilities investment decision, and day to day operations.


Facilities decision makers to:


  • Focuses on a subset of corporate balance sheet that are physical in nature.

  • Enlarges the scope of asset management and to extend to non-capitalize assets such as leased space office equipment human resources

  • It includes operating assets that depreciate and wear out over time.

  • It involves the use and deployment of assets in dispersed locations and over the various operating units of an organization

  • It accounts for ROI in the form of increased productivity of a facility occupants

  • It ensures that investment decision making are aligned with the mission and the goals of the organization.

  • It quantify the use of accurate data for the entire facilities portfolio


Creating a collaborative environment for facilities investment and decision making

Program overview


This program is designed for facilities and operations users to review facilities management principles, practices and processes by identifying improvements and to make changes that have the potential to confidently deliver the necessary organization total facilities and operations readiness in the most efficient, safe and with the highest quality and standards of asset operations performance.




Business case analysis

Program Overview


The purpose of this program is to provide facilities leadership the very needed and necessary tools in order to facilitate a more organized logical approach to decision making.Business case analysis is fundamental to the secure of funding in the current highly competitive business environment with scarce resources.Business case analysis: will teach to the strategies used by world class organizations in developing a successful justification in the request for funding for the maintenance and up keep of all facilities asset and in –fracture.



Managing Crisis and Emergency Situations

Program Overview


The new work environment is riddle with emergencies crises emergency situation and threats

As part of the new work order is for managers and supervisors to be trained to work under the conditions and to lead in making critical decisions on the go.



Alignment of organization facilities portfolio

Program Overview


The alignment of the organization facilities portfolio and to facilitate a more organized logical approach to decision making. This program is design for managers to use their practice when establishing a framework of procedures, that that requires information and validation. This program sets the criteria that will support decision making.This program aligns the components of the framework used by leadership, management and operating groups in a facilities management culture of an organization.It facilitate the managers understanding of the direct link between organizations goals, facilities investments decisions and the day to day facilities management and operation.It addresses the five components needed to ensure that investments decisions are aligned with the missions and goals of the organization.


FOBS AMCP-600             

Leadership transformation of the decision making and outcomes

Program Overview


Transform decision making processes and outcomes thru leadership commitment at all levels of the organization is a leadership requirement for strategic performance. Its primary purpose is to develop a highly capable, forward-thinking leader who can execute the organization growth and innovation strategy


FOBS AMCP-621                     

Life –Cycle stewardship of facilities and infrastructure decision making

Program Overview


Facilities Leaders need to make a Commitment to life –cycle stewardship of facilities and infrastructure decision making of the facilities portfolio.Facilities organization needs to practice the use of life-cycle costing for all significant facilities investment decision making.Facilities & operations Departments is required to conduct Life-cycle cost analysis for a full range of facilities investments alternatives:i.e. [1] Staff equipment and technologies inherent to the alternatives

[2] Cost of the required funding of the presented alternatives


FOBS AMCP-534                     


Linking Organizations goals, with facilities investment strategy

Program overview


The purpose of this program is to provide the organization leadership with the training of how to link the organizations with facilities investments strategy. The ongoing cost for managing facilities asset and the replacement of old buildings and maintenance costs must include facilities managers on the table to make a business case for adequate budget allocation




Program overview


This program is designed for facilities users to review facilities management principles, practices, and processes in order to identify improvements or changes that have the potential to confidently deliver the necessary total facilities readiness in the most efficient manner. 



Managing maintenance performance for reliability.


Learning objectives


   understand, practice, develop  and apply the following strategic maintenance procedures:


  • Preventive

  • Routine

  • Reactive

  • Schedule

  • Predictive

  • Deferred

  • planned

  • Emergency/Triage





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