Operations in facilities Management is concern with managing and directing the physical and/or technical functions of the organization. It ensures that business operations are efficient in terms of using its resources as needed, and effective in meeting customer requirements. It is concerned with managing the process that converts inputs into outputs.


Operations planning and Managing the workflow process

Program Objective:

  • Understanding of process and its impact on performance and customer satisfaction

  • Understanding plant management systems

  • Critical issues in maintenance management: the review of process and content.

  • Develop organizational and quantitative skills to analyze and assess workflow operations processes.

  • Understand process fundamentals

  • Develop skills for Mapping a process


Practices Principles in operating Facilities and plant operations

Service delivery

Program Objective:

  • Develop competency in the various trades’ area in facilities and plant operations.

  • To understand the duties and tasks attributes ,issues, concerns ,tools and customers and equipment

  • Individual training plans development

  • Manage  and improve  on- the-job performance

  • Goals attainment

  • Total quality management

  • Customer satisfaction

Operations readiness of facilities asset management service delivery

​Program objectives:

  • Action plans development for operations readiness critical to the success of services deliver

  • Managing the flow of work in meeting customer needs

  • Develop systems thinking and new mental methods for emergency readiness

  • Asserting best practices in the daily work routine

  • Working in teams

  • Understanding technical management of equipment operations