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Training programs


Leadership and Supervision

Leadership and supervision in 21st century higher education facilities management



Facilities Asset Management



  • Facilities investment and decision making

  • Linking organizations goals with Facilities Investment strategy

  • Business case analysis

  • Managing crisis and emergency situations

  • Adapting the principles and policies to the organization environment

  • Aligning organizations facilities portfolio with business strategy

  • Leadership transformation of the decision making and outcomes

  • Life-Cycle stewardship of facilities and in fracture



Operations Management in facilities and physical plants


  • Managing the workflow process

  • Quality principles and practice in facilities management

  • Business process improvement

  • Operations management and the use of Technology

  • Process analysis and the understanding of process fundamentals

  • Managing operations and the issue of Demand management

  • Operations readiness for facilities asset delivery

  • Work flow and supply chain

  • Best practice principles in operations

  • The value of job competency profiles in operations

  • Dynamics in work management

  • Managing operations and setting priorities




Facilities Maintenance Management



  • Facilities Condition Assessment [FCA]

  • Best preventive maintenance practices

  • Major issues facing facilities organizations in the 21st century

  • Hands on maintenance practices from the front line

  • Developing and using Service level agreements [SLAs]

  • Maintenance for equipment reliability

  • Managing maintenance performance

  • Linking maintenance plans with organizations capital and operating budgets

  • Maintenance and diagnostic of an equipment [failure determine root cause]

  • Best practice in work management/work control

  • Setting maintenance priorities for successful results

  • Project commissioning

  • Timely communication to front line staff

  • Total quality management



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